----------------------- Patricia Bottero St-Jean, MBA ------------------------ International Business Advisor & Speaker on Business Ownership

Your Success in L.I.F.E. - Lifestyle, Income, Freedom, Equity - via Business Ownership

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Informational Call

Informational Call:

Let’s connect and exchange thoughts on how we might collaborate and network.

(15 minutes)

Strategy Call

Strategy Call:

During this call we discuss your goals in L.I.F.E.*
Together we will draft a roadmap to either your transition to business ownership anywhere in the US or, if you own a business, to taking your enterprise to the next level based on your objectives.

*Your goals in Lifestyle, Income, Freedom and Equity.

(45 minutes)

Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Aspiring Entrepreneurs: Roadmap to Exploring Business Ownership Anywhere in the US

You are ready to explore and research to start a business in 3 months to 3 years.
Success in business starts with you and your “why.” The best business is one that leverages your strengths, passions and objectives. Pick the wrong business for you, and not only will you be miserable but the business will most likely fail. Through a comprehensive analysis of your experience, skills, talents and goals, we create your roadmap to business ownership by leveraging your strengths to your advantage. Then we research and help you evaluate your most ideal business models:
– Startup from your new idea, or
– Turnkey concepts (franchises & business opportunities.)
– Acquisition of a business that is for sale in your chosen geographic area.

(45 minutes)

New or Established Businesses

New or Established Businesses: Leadership, Growing and Scaling Your Enterprise

Bi-weekly discussion and brainstorming to guide you successfully start, grow or plan to exit your business.
If you find that it is lonely at the top it’s because it is.  Most people who might help you can’t because they are too close to you, others don’t know how, and for many including your employees it is not in their rational interest.  Yet your business success depends on your leadership and as your business grows so should you. Through our executive and strategic bi-weekly coaching sessions, we work on improving the results of your business as you start it, grow it or plan to exit it.

(45 minutes)

Speaking Engagements, Workshops, Panel Discussions

Speaking Engagements, Workshops, Panel Discussions:

Let’s discuss your goals and needs for your group and event.

(15 minutes)